EARN SNOBBY BUCKS FOR SHOPPING! Click the PURPLE REWARDS icon on the bottom right of the page or sign up now!

EARN SNOBBY BUCKS FOR SHOPPING! Click the PURPLE REWARDS icon on the bottom right of the screen or sign up now!

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Lets Talk Snobby Bucks

What is Snobby Bucks?

It’s our rewards program and it's pretty simple and REALLY awesome

How does it work?

  • Sign up
  • Shop
  • Earn bucks
  • Redeem bucks on orders

How do I earn Snobby Bucks?

  • SIGN UP: You get 200 Snobby Bucks JUST for signing up
  • FOLLOW US: Get up to 75 Snobby Bucks for following us on Facebook, Tik Tok, and Instagram!
  • CELEBRATE A BIRTHDAY: You get 200 Snobby Bucks for your special day
  • GIVE US A REVIEW: 100 Snobby Bucks for posting a review on our website of a drop you've purchased, or posting a review on our Google Business Profile!
  • REFERRALS: Refer someone to our site and they get a $30 off coupon (equal to 600 Snobby Bucks), and when they purchase, YOU get a $50 off coupon equal to 1000 Snobby Bucks!
  • GET ENGAGED: We make it fun to earn Snobby Bucks! We have contests in the Snobby Lobby, do random Snobby Bucks deposits, and reward your engagement on social media--that's right--every like, comment, share on a post, Instagram or Tik Tok…we’re gonna notice. And if we notice, then you might notice your snobby bank getting a little fatter.

How do I redeem Snobby Bucks?

Just Click the Purple Rewards icon in the lower right hand of the website and follow the steps below [See screenshots at end]

  1. Log in.
  2. Click Ways To Redeem
  3. Click "View"
  4. Select the amount of Snobby Bucks you want to redeem
  5. Select Redeem

From here you can select "Apply Code" to automatically apply your code to your cart*, or you can use the code later if you change your mind!

*Snobby Bucks can only be used on Snobby Drops products [they wont work on the accessories and props on the website sold by other vendors]

What if I placed an order before I signed up?

If you’ve already shopped with us but haven’t signed up-no worries, we have a snobby bank with your order history full of the snobby bucks you didn’t even know you earned.

Our Snobby Promise:

No gimmicks or spam. Snobby bucks is just our way of rewarding loyalty because we TRULY appreciate our customers. As a brand new shiny business, we’re grateful you’ve taken a chance with us. And we want you to keep coming back…to a fat snobby bank.

How to redeem rewards

step one

Sign in, click Ways to redeem

Step two

Click View

Step three

Click Redeem

step four

Click Apply Code

How to view actvity

step one

Sign in, scroll to Your Activity

Step two

Click View

How to view unused rewards

step one

Sign in, click on Your Rewards

This will only be visible if you have redeemed Snobby Bucks but did not apply the code at checkout

Step two

Click Coupon to Reveal Code and apply to cart