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Hey there, Partner

This page is for professional photographers or photography related businesses that are interested in a mutually beneficial partnership with Snobby Drops, where you receive our products at a discount for promoting Snobby Drops to your customers.

In exchange for discounted products, you must agree to provide:

  1. In-use images of our products for use on our website and social media platforms
  2. Publication of in-use images on your professional website and social media pages that include credit to Snobby Drops via social media tags.

Partnership Benefits

Snobby Drops offers order discounts on our products to professional photographers and photography-centric businesses in exchange for crediting Snobby Drops on all in-use images of the discounted products on your website and social media platforms.

Partners will be provided with a unique code to be used at checkout for a products in specific collections. The eligible collections will vary based on the theme(s) Snobby Drops is currently promoting.

Partnership Terms

By submitting the application below, you agree to the following terms:

  • Partners agree to submit professional in-use images of all products to which the discount was applied (including but not limited to backdrop(s), floor(s), room set(s)) within 21 days of delivery.
  • The images must be high-quality and showcase the backdrop in use.

If you do not submit images within 21 days of delivery:

  • You will be in breach of this contract
  • You will be invoiced for the total amount discounted by using the code.
  • You will be permanently ineligible for future partnership based discounts and/or memberships.

1. Images must be submitted to:

2. Images must be posted on your professional website and social media page(s) [Facebook, TikTok, Instagram] and Snobby Drops must be tagged.

Our handles are:

4. You must also ensure that any models or subjects in the images have given their consent for the images to be used by Snobby Drops on our website and socials media channels.

*All items purchased using a partnership discount code are subject to the image submission timeline requirements outlined in the Terms. If there are items that you will be unable to submit images on within 21 days, you will need to place a separate order without the discount code.

Snobby Drops Partnership Applicatoin

By submitting the details below, you agree to the terms of the Partnership Agreement stated above

How many Snobby Drops would you plan on purchasing at the promotional price per month?
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After submitting the application, our marketing and partnership team will review the information and contact you if any additional information is needed. Once approved, you will receive an email with all the details you need to get started.